6061-T6 Forged Barrel+A356.2 Casting Spokes Welded

  • Lighter weight(reduction 20-30%)
  • Cost-efficiency on molds
  • Customization on ET and width
  • Unique Aesthetic of Large lips and deep concave designs 
  • Variety in finishing: apply different finishes to the spokes and barrel, similar to a two-piece wheel
  • Better value:achieve superior quality compared to cast wheels, yet they are more cost-effective than fully forged wheels.

Experience a whole new level of alloy wheel production with our Friction Stir Weld (FSW) technology. It's not just about efficiency and convenience; it's about redefining wheel production.

6061-T6 Fully Forged Wheels

Unleash your unique style on the road! With our custom design and production feature, you’re in complete control. Start from scratch and send us your design and specifications for your dream wheels. We’ll bring your vision to life with precision and craftsmanship, creating a personalized set of wheels just for you. Experience the thrill of driving a car that’s truly one of a kind, showcasing your individuality and taste. Turn your vehicle into an extension of yourself with our custom forged wheels.

Deep Lip

Game-changer COMING, With a stunning width range of 8-16J, and the ability to achieve a captivating deep lip of up to 13 inches

Super concave wheels

Super Concave

Dual Finishes

Experience the ultimate in style and performance with our super concave wheels. Our unique welding technology allows us to create stunning dual finish options for spokes and barrels, just like a 2-piece wheel.

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Personal customization

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