New technology&Forged-Cast Composite Wheel

Friction Stir Welding on wheels

What is the Forged-Cast Composite Wheel?

“Forged-Cast Composite” refers to a finished product obtained by using the friction stir welding(FSW)technique to weld low-pressure cast wheel spokes (made of A356.2 aluminum alloy) with forged wheel rims (made of T6061 aluminum). Unlike traditional casting and forging methods, this process combines the two components through welding, reducing costs while increasing performance and achieving a lighter weight.

How to Produce?

Welding Styles

1. Off-Road Style

The center section is cast, while the wheel rim is forged. They can be separately coated and then welded together to achieve diverse finishes, similar to a two-piece wheel.

2. Passenger Style

The front part of the wheel is created through casting, and the rear part (wheel rim) is forged. After welding the two sections together, the wheel undergoes machining and coating procedures.


  • Lighter weight: The paragraph mentions that the wheel is 20%-30% lighter than casting wheels, which could make for easier handling and installation.
  • Cost-efficiency: The requirement of only one mold per diameter can save on manufacturing costs, making it more affordable in the long run.
  • Customization: The wheel can be forged to any “J” width, offering a wider range of customization options.
  • Unique Aesthetic: Large lips and deep concave designs are achievable, providing more visual appeal that is impossible with regular casting wheels.
  • Variety in finishing: The option to apply different finishes to the spokes and barrel, similar to a two-piece wheel, adds to the overall aesthetic value.
  • Better value: The paragraph suggests that these wheels offer superior quality compared to cast wheels, yet they are more cost-effective than fully forged wheels.

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ATA Forged Wheel

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