New Porsche Panamera changed to pink calipers with ATA’s custom forged wheels

We firmly believe that the wild the initial fantasy, the more amazing the end result is often. Panamera is such a dream worth fighting for. It combines outstanding sportiness with outstanding comfort. Whether it is the Panamera, the Panamera Executive Plus or the Panamera Sport Turismo, its silhouette and proportions always make it instantly recognizable as a Porsche without compromise. Streamlined dynamic body, chiseled muscular lines. The owner of this Porsche new Panamera is a very beautiful girl and her unique personality makes her very obsessed with her car. The color of the calipers of Khaki powder has been changed, which is very unique, the black 21-inch forged wheels with silver edges produced by ATA FORGED WHEEL make the whole appearance looks perfect.

21inch forged wheels with gloss black/ machine face
ATA Forged Wheel

ATA Forged Wheel

Manufacturer in China

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