bmw X5 forged wheels

As an all-around sports SUV, the BMW X5 has been deeply loved and concerned by consumers since its launch. Strong road performance and decent off-road capability also lay a good foundation for its subsequent modifications. Without further ado, come and enjoy the modification works of this issue!

Modified real shot BMW has always been praised for its precise handling and driving pleasure. As BMW’s all-around sports SUV, the X5 has inherited BMW’s sports blood. The balanced chassis and handling set-up make it fun and exciting to drive. Although it is already a very good car, the owner seems to want to change it to be more perfect and different.

So there is this wheel tuning. Whether you want to improve the vehicle’s dynamic performance or improve the vehicle’s handling, the wheel upgrade can be solved to a certain extent.

The forged wheels from MP produced by ATA Forged are very similar to the stylish and cool appearance of the BMW X5. The advanced design instantly enhances the visual impact of the vehicle.
This is a five-spoke wheel with a five-star surface, stylish design elements, and increased window space ratio, making the brake disc more exposed and wild!

The ingeniously manufactured ATA wheels, with impeccable details, keep abreast of sports and technology, become a special existence with both light weight and strong power among the wheels of the same level, bringing a brand new driving experience.

The BMW X5, which graduated with full marks, is the legendary beginning of breaking the trend. It goes all out for the track, and the blood of the competition is endless, condensing the wild performance and swaying the frenzy.

The forged wheels are definitely much better than the original wheels for vehicles in responding to the accelerator and the handling of the car. After trying a single operation, it is really smooth!
ATA Forged Wheel

ATA Forged Wheel

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