Super Concave Wheels with Dual Finishes

Super concave wheels

We harness the power of our groundbreaking welding technologies, specifically Friction Stir Welding (FSW) and Laser Welding, to revolutionize the mass production of wheel designs with extraordinarily deep concave profiles. This pioneering approach unlocks levels of concavity in wheel spokes that are virtually unattainable using traditional casting techniques. Moreover, our process opens the door to an exciting array of wheel designs that feature spokes and rims with distinct surface finishes—a level of customization that conventional casting can’t match due to its labor-intensive and limited layering techniques.

At the core of our manufacturing philosophy is the separate production of wheel spokes and rims. Each component is treated to its own meticulous surface finishing processes, such as high-quality painting, intricate brushing, exquisite polishing, or premium plating. These individually refined pieces are then masterfully fused together using our proprietary welding methods. The attention to detail extends to the welding joints themselves, which are so expertly managed that the signs of welding are virtually imperceptible.

laser welding on wheels

In a nod to blended craftsmanship, the central section of the spokes is expertly cast, while the rim benefits from the durability and strength of forging. This hybrid approach allows the cast central section, once molded, to be seamlessly paired with rims of varying widths. The result is a collection of wheels that share a unified design language, yet offer a wide range of widths and offsets (ET) for unparalleled adaptability.


  • Artistic Diversity: Our method allows for an assortment of aesthetic effects on the central spoke piece and the rims, delivering a two-piece wheel look without the premium price tag.
  • Optimized Strength and Weight: The strategic fusion of cast spokes and forged rims elevates the wheel’s strength to levels far surpassing those of fully cast wheels, all while shaving off unnecessary weight.
  • Economical Mold Costs: Unlike traditional casting methods, which require multiple molds for variations in wheel width, our singular mold design for the central spoke piece can be adapted for widths ranging from 8J to an unprecedented 16J. This is a game-changer, particularly for larger wheel sizes such as 14J and 16J where traditional casting struggles with quality control.
  • Unmatched ET Flexibility: Our innovation in welding allows us to tweak the ET by simply adjusting the welding points, thus offering a more expansive and versatile selection of ET options. Traditional casting, on the other hand, is confined to smaller ET ranges and results in a heavier wheel due to the need for a thicker mounting plate.
  • Mass-Produced Deep Concavity: Through our avant-garde approach, we can mass-produce wheels with deep concave designs that defy the limitations of traditional casting methods.

In summary, our cutting-edge manufacturing process not only offers wheels of superior aesthetic versatility and structural integrity but also does so in a manner that is both cost-effective and highly customizable.

ATA Forged Wheel

ATA Forged Wheel

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